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About Shri Nakoda Jain Temple

Nakoda ji is one of the famous Jain temple of India.This sacred tirtha is at a distance of 13 kms from Balotara Railway station and 1 km from Mewad city. It is situated in the forest in the hills. In this tirtha with a charming natural atmosphere all-around, we have an idol of Mulnayaka Shri Parshvanath Bhagavan. It is black in complexion, 58 cms in height and in Padmasana posture. The idols is extremely charming and miraculous. The miracles of the presiding deity of this spot, Shri Bhairavaji Maharaj are well-known. We have a reference which states that the ancient name of Nakoda was Virampur. It is said that in the third century before the Vikrama era, two brothers, Shri Virasen and Shri Nakoresen raised two villages Virampur and Nakorenagar at a distance of twenty miles. They also get constructed two temples of Shri Chandraprabhu Bhagavan and Shri Suparshva Bhagavan.


The main idol is that of Shri Nakoda Parsvanath. This statue was brought here from the village Nakoda which is near Sinduri., hence the place is called Nakoda Parsvanath temple. But this alone is not the attraction of the temple. The idol of Shri Nakoda Bheruji was installed by Acharya Shri Vijay Himachal Suri who also established idols of other Teerthankars in this temple.

This is a very ancient temple and the construction work has been going over the centuries. This place has become a pilgrimage that people from every religion visits here.The devotees believe that every particle of this wholly pilgrimage of Nakoda is sacred. This is a universal feeling that entry into the place is very pleasing. Elam and tranquility descends upon the visitor. A feeling of Devine bliss is around. This is also believed that who so ever is pays visit here, has his wishes fulfilled.

Although the temple is very ancient one but from time to time renovations and repairs and additions have been made to the temple. So it is in a very sound position.The temple has about 246 inscriptions which amply show that over the centuries, the temple was extended, renovated, rebuilt and additions were made to it. Even today the construction work is continuing.

Important Architectural Characteristics:

The temple has a very high elaborate shikher which is a rare example of Architectural and sculptural elegance. There are unparalleled statuettes and other floral patterns. The temple in fact is treated as a pilgrimage and it is visited by all Janis, Hindus of the entire country.



Art Work:

The idols of the period from the twelfth to the sixteenth century are displayed here. The natural scene of this lonely place among the hills in the forest is very beautiful, peaceful and fascinating. The idol of Bhagawan Parshvanath is very expressive. Among tirths in Rajsthan, this tirth has a special significance.



Nakoda ji jain Temple is very famous jain Temple of Rajasthan.It has a special place among all Temples of India.It is a major Jain Temple particularly for Jains.People come here from all over the world to worship the majical statutes of Shri nakoda Parsvanath and Shri Nakoda Bheru Nath.Famous Jain Pilgrimage Indian temple , Jainism.